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format file gsp

What is a gsp file and how do I open a gsp file?

Some businesses and companies with small to medium-scale operations use the IMail Server application, which in turn creates and uses an IMail error message file. The IMail Server software was developed to provide these organizations and individuals with a set of email sending and receiving functionalities as well as email management features for their supported Web servers. An IMail error message file is integrated with encoding specifications and compression standards proprietary to Ipswitch and the IMail Server application. These files are stored in the GSP format and are affixed with the .gsp extension. These GSP files are used by the IMail Server program when it is required to alert administrators and email users about certain issues associated to outgoing emails processed by the IMail Server software. These automatic notifications are transmitted by the IMail Server software as incoming emails of senders with outgoing emails that have been flagged for certain transmission problems or delivery issues.

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Ipswitch IMail Server
Detail gsp file extension information:
File Type: gsp
File Format: IMail Error Message File
Primary Association: Project Files
Mime Type: application/x-gsp