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format file hbx

What is a hbx file and how do I open a hbx file?

A BinHex encoded file is a text file encoded in binary format and exported to Hexadecimal format using the Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2011 software among other file compression and decompression applications. Classified as encoded files, these BinHex encoded files are saved in the HBX format and are appended with the .hbx extension. These HBX files are mainly used to convert binary data into more portable text data. The binary content of these HBX files, prior to compression and encoding, are in the 8-bit binary format, though upon compression and encoding, this binary data is converted into 7-bit text format. This means multimedia content like images, documents with digital objects and visual elements among other graphics can be compressed and encoded in the HBX format to reduce the size of these files. Primarily developed for Mac platforms, these HBX files can also be created, decompressed and opened in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems using the Corel WinZip 16 Pro software.

Mac OS
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Detail hbx file extension information:
File Type: hbx
File Format: BinHex Encoded File
Primary Association: Encrypted Files