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format file jws

What is a jws file and how do I open a jws file?

JWS is the extension given to a Java file used to implement services on a web server. The file contains Java code that determines how web services behave, including references to Java methods and functions. JWS files are standard Java class files that use JDK 5.0 metadata annotations to define the characteristics and scope of specific Web Services. When you program your JWS file, you must follow a set of requirements. The JWS file to program basic Web Service features. The annotations are used at different levels, or targets, in teh JWS file. Some are used at the class-level to indicate that the annotation applies to the entire JWS file. Others are used at the method-level and yet others at the parameter level. The JWS file maybe opened with a text editor. The main difference between an ordinary java file and jws file is the file extension. Another difference is that JWS files are deployed as source code and not compiled as class files.

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Detail jws file extension information:
File Type: jws
File Format: Java Web Services File
Primary Association: Java Files