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format file mtw

What is a mtw file and how do I open a mtw file?

The MTW file extension is known as Minitab Worksheet file which was developed by Minitab. This Minitab Worksheet software is a statistical software package used in supply chain and quality management. It has the ability to store business data and provide statistical regression analysis, graphs and symbols. It contains a worksheet data plotted in rows and columns. It also includes variable names and extent values. Columns are labeled C1, C2 andC3 and permits labeling by numerical or text type. When files are encrypted to MTW file, it can no longer be opened or edited. Adding descriptions is only permitted for active worksheets like MTP file extension. It also allows plotting formulas in the data file and has the ability to generate reports. It also explains output in Word or PowerPoint format. It is based on the Six Sigma quality measures which minimize statistical errors. Files in MTW format can be opened with Minitab in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Detail mtw file extension information:
File Type: mtw
File Format: Minitab Worksheet File
Primary Association: Data Files