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format file dgc

What is a dgc file and how do I open a dgc file?

A DGCA file archive is implemented with compression standards integrated into the DGC format, and these DGC files are appended with the .dgc extension. These .dgc files are archived data that can be created with the DigitalGCodecArchiver software, also known as the DGCA application. The DGCA program is classified as software developed for compressing a file, a group of files, a folder or a group of folders with better compression ratios than other compression standards. This means files and folders can be compressed much quicker and easier if it's saved in the DGC file format. This also means data stored and compressed in a DGC file is also faster and easier to extract than some compression formats. Shin-ichi Tsuruta is a Japanese developer who created the DGC compression and encoding specifications. 2-dimensional fighting video games designed using the MUGEN game engine can also be archived and distributed in the DGC format. The DGCA application can be installed in computers running on supported operating systems to start creating, decompressing and accessing the content of these DGC files.

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Detail dgc file extension information:
File Type: dgc
File Format: DGCA File Archive
Primary Association: Turbo Tax Files
Mime Type: application/x-dgc-compressed