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format file uha

What is an uha file and how do I open an uha file?

A .UHA file is a Windows file archive compressed using UHarc. It can create smaller archives than RAR although decompression typically takes longer. UHARC is an algorithm developed by Uwe Herklotz in 1997 for the lossless compression of data. WinUHA is the GUI for windows for the UHARC algorithm. The total archive needs to be smaller than 2 Gigs. This archiving software is very slow in comparison with other compressors on the market. UHARC is freeware for non-commercial use.

Recommended uha file download:
unUHarc 0.6
Detail uha file extension information:
File Type: uha
File Format: UHarc Compressed Archive
Primary Association: Archive Files