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format file pns

What is a pns file and how do I open a pns file?

The PNS file extension is used to label stereoscopic images which are used for creating 3D effects from 2D images. Creating stereoscopic images involves making use of two PNG files and placing them side by side while adjusting the color variants from to red and blue or red and green, after which it is processed into a rendering software. This technique has been known long ago and was one of the first 3D modeling techniques developed. Numerous programs are known to create stereoscopic images through the use of PNS files. To view and manage PNS file extensions, You may make use of programs that support stereoscopic imaging such as NVIDIA 3D Photo Viewer, Zyk, Zoner Photo studio and many more. However, to view such files through programs without 3d support, users may be required to convert PNS files to a more common or convenient format. Numerous file converters are available for easy and efficient conversion of files.

Recommended pns file download:
NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer
Detail pns file extension information:
File Type: pns
File Format: PNG Stereo Image
Primary Association: Raster Graphics Files