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format file cxt

What is a cxt file and how do I open a cxt file?

Version 11.5 of the Adobe Director software can be used to create files in the CXT format. These CXT files are Adobe Director 11.5 project files and are affixed with the .cxt extension. Generally classified as data files, the CXT files are also called Director protected cast files. The Adobe Director 11.5 application is a multimedia authoring program integrated with features useful for embedding interactive multimedia objects and images. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Adobe Director 11.5 program into their systems to start creating these CXT files, and Mac users can also install and use the version of this software that was developed for Mac platforms. The Adobe Director 11.5 application also encodes these CXT files with proprietary encryption specifications, so other users cannot open or modify the content of these CXT files. The CXT file format is also useful when a user needs to share objects embedded into a CXT file with other Adobe Director 11.5 users, especially in instances where the author of the CXT file does not want others to edit the content of the CXT project.

Mac OS
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Adobe Director 11.5
Adobe Director 11.5
Detail cxt file extension information:
File Type: cxt
File Format: Director Protected Cast File
Primary Association: Adobe Files