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format file vce

What is a vce file and how do I open a vce file?

A Visual CertExam exam file can be created and modified using an application included in the Visual CertExam Suite software, while another application also bundled with the Visual CertExam Suite program is used to take these tests or exams stored in a Visual CertExam exam file. The Visual CertExam Designer program is implemented with a set of functionalities used for entering questions and multiple choice answers in a test or exam that can be saved as a Visual CertExam exam file. The Visual CertExam Manager application is on the other hand a program that is used to take the tests and exams stored in a Visual CertExam exam file, and this software also provides features used in managing and facilitating these tests or exams. The content of a Visual CertExam exam file is integrated with data encoding specifications used for storing the data entered by the Visual CertExam Designer user in the VCE format. Affixed with the .vce extension, these tests and exams are generally used for certification assessments or evaluations.

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Visual CertExam Suite
Detail vce file extension information:
File Type: vce
File Format: Visual CertExam Exam File
Primary Association: Adobe Files