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format file wps

What is a wps file and how do I open a wps file?

Microsoft Works 9 was the final version of Works and the software was discontinued in 2010. However, Windows users can still open WPS files with Microsoft Word. To open WPS files with this program, you may need to select "Word 2000" or "All File Types" in the Open dialog box. You can also convert Works documents to Word documents using the "Microsoft Works 6–9 File Converter" application. The Macintosh version of Microsoft Works was discontinued after version 4.0. Therefore, most modern Works documents cannot be opened using Works for Mac. However, WPS files can be opened in Mac OS X using NeoOffice 2.2 or later, which includes the "libwps" library. On Linux systems, WPS files can be opened using OxygenOffice Professional or another variation of the OpenOffice.org suite that includes the "libwps" library. Some Linux distributions may also include a program called wps2odt, which uses libwps and can convert WPS files to .ODT files. A package called "writerperfect" may also include wps2odt if the appropriate version of libwps is available. The WPS format was discontinued by Microsoft in 2006 and was replaced by the standard Microsoft Word ".DOC" format.

Mac OS
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Detail wps file extension information:
File Type: wps
File Format: Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
Primary Association: Microsoft Office Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.ms-works, application/x-msworks-wp, text/plain, zz-application/zz-winassoc-wps