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format file bmt

What is a bmt file and how do I open a bmt file?

An Ami Pro button image file is created for the utility of the Ami Pro software, which is an application that was among the first word processing programs that were integrated with a set of functionalities for creating and editing document presentation materials that can be embedded with visual elements like digital objects, charts and graphs among other digital images. The digital image objects stored in these Ami Pro button image files were implemented into the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the Ami Pro software. These Ami Pro button image files are also implemented with digital graphics compression specifications similar to the compression standards integrated into bitmap image files. ANSI formatting and data encoding standards are also embedded into these Ami Pro button images to store its content in the BMT file format. These Ami Pro button image files are affixed with the .bmt extension.

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Detail bmt file extension information:
File Type: bmt
File Format: Ami Pro Button Image File
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files