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format file fif

What is a fif file and how do I open a fif file?

A fractal image file is implemented with digital vector graphics encoding and compression specifications originally proprietary to MediaBin, and now to Interwoven Systems, which acquired MediaBin. These fractal image files are stored in the FIF format and are appended with the .fif extension. The content of these FIF files may include digital vector graphics implemented with smaller digital visual objects called fractals. These smaller digital visual elements embedded by an author of a FIF file may also be used repeatedly within the same FIF image file, and these images can also have different sizes and dimensions. The FIF format was primarily developed for resizing these fractals within a FIF file without any image quality loss. Image patterns that can be repeated throughout the same FIF file, and fill textures among other image formatting and layout attributes can also be integrated into a FIF file. Upon the development of a FIF file, certain compression algorithms are referenced and implemented into the FIF file by the Adobe Photoshop CS6 application used to create the FIF file. This is done for the identification of usual fractals integrated into the original FIF file. The vector graphics content of the FIF file is then reconstructed to implement the efficient inclusion of the fractals in the image content of the FIF file. The Genuine Fractals add-on applet can also be used in conjunction with the Adobe Photoshop program to implement support for these fractals and FIF files.

Mac OS
Recommended fif file download:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Genuine Fractals plug-in
Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Genuine Fractals plug-in
Detail fif file extension information:
File Type: fif
File Format: Fractal Image File
Primary Association: Vector Graphics Files
Mime Type: application/fractals, image/fif