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format file ndif

What is a ndif file and how do I open a ndif file?

The NDIF file extension is known as the Apple New Disk Image Format File, which is the disk image saved in Apple's New Disk Image Format (NDIF), as of this writing. It compresses data in a dual-fork format, which consists of metadata in the resource fork and data in the data fork. Resource fork contains metadata about archived files and data fork contains archived data. It was used as an older format for mounting file systems on Mac computers. Images can be mounted to the Desktop and then run or installed from the Desktop. When Mac OS X was released, NDIF files were replaced with UDIF files for single fork format data storage and to be transferrable to other application across platforms. However, they can still be opened using the Disk Utility program application enclosed as part of the Mac OS X operating system. They are also compatible with System 7 and Mac OS 8–9. When NDIF files are being transferred, they are limited to 2 GB of logical size.

Mac OS
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Apple Disk Utility
Detail ndif file extension information:
File Type: ndif
File Format: Apple New Disk Image Format File
Primary Association: Disk Image Files