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format file mdx

What is a mdx file and how do I open a mdx file?

An MDX disk image file is created by DAEMON Tools, a utility used to create CD and DVD disk images and emulate the original disks as virtual drives. The file contains both disk volume formatting metadata and disk data.

An MDX file can also be a 3D Image files developed by Blizzard Entertainment and used as Warcraft 3 Model Files since it is used by the Warcraft III game. Warcraft III, a popular strategy game wherein players are in the world of Azeroth, build control units and bases. The 3D game models that include the unit meshes and textures are saved as MDX files. These are files storing pre-fabricated 3D models and are used to customize 3D models with the use of editors. There are also text versions of MDX files .MDL. MDX files are not only opened when users access the Warcraft III game. These files are accessable usingother applications such as the Blizzard Warcraft 3 Art Tools, a program used for creating, modifying, and previewing models and animations quickly so that they can be used in custom maps necessary for the Warcraft III's World Editor to function correctly.

Recommended mdx file download:
DT Soft DAEMON Tools
Detail mdx file extension information:
File Type: mdx
File Format: Extended Media Descriptor File
Primary Association: Disk Image Files
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