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format file asc

What is an asc file and how do I open an asc file?

ASC files or Action Script Communication Files are files written in script, and these files are used by a particular application or program. It entails a list of commands or instructions in script form. The script which was written through the program application called Action Script features a code that is used by Flash Media Server Hosting software for applications that are plain and simple. Flash Media Interactive Server on the other hand is used for applications that need multiple communications. ASC files were created by Adobe System and are also known as ASCII files. These files can be opened practically by any text editor and executed with the proper scripting engine. A good example of this is the VB script when clicked will automatically open and perform what it is commanded to do. VB scripts are visible in HTML documents and can be accessed by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will read the HTML and immediately execute what is written in the VB script.

Mac OS
Recommended asc file download:
Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Detail asc file extension information:
File Type: asc
File Format: ActionScript Communication File
Primary Association: Development Files
Mime Type: application/pgp, application/pgp-encrypted, text/plain