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format file asp

What is an asp file and how do I open an asp file?

An Active Server Page file is a Web document that can contain HTML codes, text, graphics and XML content. This means these Active Server Page files are integrated with binary, text and XML-based formatting specifications. An Active Server Page file is generated by The Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) application that has been integrated with the Active Server Page engine add-on, and the Active Server Page engine is known as the first server-side scripting engine that was developed by Microsoft. These Active Server Page files are implemented with source code compilation and data encoding standards that are used by the Microsoft IIS application and the Active Server Page engine add-on to store its content in the ASP file format and to append the .asp extension to these Web files.

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Detail asp file extension information:
File Type: asp
File Format: Active Server Page
Primary Association: Web Files
Mime Type: application/x-asap, application/x-asp, text/asp, text/html