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format file cod

What is a cod file and how do I open a cod file?

COD files are stored in a file format related to Blackberry. They are files whose nature is generic and used as the default format in Blackberry programs and applications. Owned and released by JAVA, COD files include scripts and java codes that are packaged as Java Development Environment Source code or JDES. This source code is shown as an icon or program in Blackberry and uploaded through wireless application or via USB link. Blackberry phone was first released in 1999 through its first device called 850 in Germany. It wasn’t until the year 2003 that Blackberry released its new phone creation aptly called smartphone and revolutionized the way a phone should be. Among the main feature best noted about the phone is its email. This program was made possible through its developers and designers named RIM (Research in Motion). They were able to include later other features like instant messaging, portable media players like music, gaming applications and other programs.

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Detail cod file extension information:
File Type: cod
File Format: Compiled Source Code
Primary Association: Development Files