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format file dbg

What is a dbg file and how do I open a dbg file?

A C++ symbolic debugging information file is used by many debugging applications that were developed to test source code functionalities. These C++ debugging tools can highlight errors or bugs it could encounter during code functionality simulation. These bugs and errors are dumped into a debugging log file that is encoded in text formatting specifications. These log files can then be used by developers to correct the errors and bugs by using the data stored in these log files as reference data. The content of a C++ symbolic debugging information file is integrated with encoding standards used to store these pieces of data in the DBG file format. Affixed with the .dbg extension, a C++ symbolic debugging information file can pinpoint the exact positions of particular lines of code that failed to initialize or could be the cause of an error encountered during a test simulation.

Recommended dbg file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail dbg file extension information:
File Type: dbg
File Format: FoxPro Debugger Configuration
Primary Association: Configuration Files