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format file diagcab

What is a diagcab file and how do I open a diagcab file?

The WTP Wizard software, also known as the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, accesses the data stored in a troubleshooting pack cabinet File for some of its troubleshooting functionalities. A troubleshooting pack cabinet File is stored in the DIAGCAB format, and this file format is classified as a system file developed by Microsoft. The WTP Wizard and these DIAGCAB files are used by the Microsoft Windows OS for troubleshooting and resolving issues related to hardware resources connected to the computer as well as to installed software resources that have encountered freezes and crashes among other initialization and performance problems. Legitimate files appended with the .diagcab extension that are posted for download are implemented with digital signatures so users can ensure the authenticity of the DIAGCAB file, and each DIAGCAB file is associated to a hardware issue or a software problem that has been resolved by the WTP Wizard application. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) deploy these DIAGCAB files to provide technical support to users of their hardware devices. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can also offer these DIAGCAB files for troubleshooting known issues of their custom software products developed for computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems.

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Microsoft Makecab
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool
Microsoft Sign Tool
Detail diagcab file extension information:
File Type: diagcab
File Format: Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File
Primary Association: System Files