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format file msc

What is a msc file and how do I open a msc file?

The MSC file extension is a snap-in control file associated with Microsoft Management Console which was developed by Microsoft Corporation. Files affixed with this extension are also known as Microsoft Saved Console Files. Microsoft Management Console allows user to customize the console or modules to hold snap -ins. It is used to configure and monitor Windows computer systems. The snap in contains a program that provides additional administration management like device management, system monitoring and disk defragmentation. A snap-in can hold additional snap-in extension. Users can create and customize MSC files to publish a collection of tools or utilities to other users through email, network sharing or web posting. It can also be assigned to other networks, users, and groups with policy settings. System administrators may provide restrictions by customization. In case MMC fails to complete a normal shut down, the SMS.msc file may be removed from the system. Files in MSC format can be opened with Microsoft Windows Server in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Detail msc file extension information:
File Type: msc
File Format: Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
Primary Association: System Files