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format file dzp

What is a dzp file and how do I open a dzp file?

A DirectorZone Particle Effect File contains digital video effects like animated digital objects, particles and static graphical elements included in a DVD creation project using the PowerDirector software. The PowerDirector application is a program designed to provide users with a set of functionalities that can be used to implement interactive features in a DVD project which can later be burned unto compatible DVDs, other supported optical media types and in disk image formats implemented into the PowerDirector application. These PowerDirector projects are saved in the DZP format and are affixed with the .dzp extension. The content of these DZP files can be integrated into the video content of a DVD disk to add interactive functions to the DVD's menu navigation screens and dynamic menu content. A DVD authoring project created using the PowerDirector program requires the user to select a particular aspect ratio for the digital video content. This means users should know the aspect ratios of their DVD movies and the support for these aspect ratio DVDs implemented into their standard DVD players. Cyberlink owns and operates a Web community where DVD movies can be downloaded from, and the online portal is called DirectorZone.

Recommended dzp file download:
CyberLink PowerDirector 11
Detail dzp file extension information:
File Type: dzp
File Format: DirectorZone Particle Effect File
Primary Association: Video Files