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format file pds

What is a pds file and how do I open a pds file?

Files with the .pds extension are video files created using the PowerDirector program. These files can be movies, slideshows or just videos that are edited and saved using the said software. These .pds files contain menu settings such as effects, transitions, and other settings used to edit videos. These files are essential to make the software function better when it comes to creating and editing video for a variety of purposes, since this software is often used to create presentations and reports in a video format. NASA also uses the .pds file extension as a Planetary Data System File. These .pds files are data files about space and planetary information that were gathered during space missions and other tools used to monitor planetary conditions. PowerDirector can be installed in computers that run on widely used versions of Microsoft Windows, because this software is implemented with compatibility support for these systems. Before installing PowerDirector, users are recommended to hae a good quality video card, along with suitable RAM resources, 10 to 50Gb of free hard disk space for temporarily storing video project files (to be stored later in data storage devices or optical media with higher data storage space upon completing the video project files) and a display monitor with high quality resolution.

Recommended pds file download:
CyberLink PowerDirector 11
CyberLink PowerProducer 6
Detail pds file extension information:
File Type: pds
File Format: PowerDirector Script File
Primary Association: Video Files