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format file mob

What is a mob file and how do I open a mob file?

An MOBTV video file contains video content from the MediaCorp Online Broadband Television portal, and these MOBTV video files are integrated with video compression specifications proprietary to MediaCorp. An MOBTV video file is also implemented with encoding standards used for files stored in the MOB video file format. Affixed with the .mob extension, these MOBTV video files are used by this subscription-based video content service that can be availed by users in Singapore. Computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems are bundled with the Microsoft Windows Media Player software, which can be used to open and view the video content stored in these MOBTV video files. Some MOBTV Video Files are encrypted with copy-protection security, and this means users can only access or view the video content saved in these MOBTV video files by using an MOBTV account that is still active. Similar video content download subscription sites also offer video streaming access to their subscribers.

Recommended mob file download:
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Detail mob file extension information:
File Type: mob
File Format: MOBTV Video File
Primary Association: Video Files