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format file gar

What is a gar file and how do I open a gar file?

GAR is a deployable package created for GridGain, a high performance cloud computing application. It saves a compressed archive of files that can be executed or read on the cloud; can be a smaller processing unit that is run with many other such units in the cloud. GridGain Systems and its technology began in the open source community. Started as an open source project back in 2005 by the two founders of GridGain, the project grew steadily over the next several years with the first release in 2007. By 2010 the GridGain open source project garnered recognition as one of the top in-memory computing projects in the industry, with GridGain software starting globally every 10 seconds with over a thousand production deployments.

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Detail gar file extension information:
File Type: gar
File Format: GridGain Archive
Primary Association: Development Files