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format file gld

What is a gld file and how do I open a gld file?

The .gld file extension is used as a linker script file by the MPLAB C Compiler application. This compiler is used for the compilation of program logics for many microcontroller units such as Digital Signal Controllers. Instructions on how program codes can be merged in order to produce a file output are contained in these .gld files. These .gld files are also used so that the places that store microcontroller logic can be controlled, and this is done for quick and easy reference by developers who intend to track the different releases of code that has been written for certain hardware units. This code tracking feature is especially important in the further development of new firmware updates and releases for corresponding hardware units.

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Detail gld file extension information:
File Type: gld
File Format: MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File
Primary Association: Development Files