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format file run

What is a run file and how do I open a run file?

A file in the RUN format is an executable Linux-based application that contains code associated with a specific program developed for the Linux platform. This code usually initializes the application itself, though in some cases, files in the .run extension refers to program installers for applications developed for the Linux OS. Device driver software for Linux is often bundled and distributed with .run files included in the package. These .run files initialize the installation of these device driver software applications, so Linux users can quickly and easily install or update their device driver software. A .run file that fails to initialize is most likely lacking the appropriate executable permissions from the Linux OS. This can be corrected by adding the required permissions via this chmod command: chmod +x filenamehere.run. Users can afterwards initialize the .run file with this command: ./filenamehere.run.

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Detail run file extension information:
File Type: run
File Format: Linux Executable File
Primary Association: Executable Files