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format file sgm

What is a sgm file and how do I open a sgm file?

The "SGM" in the .sgm file extension stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language. This is coding language technology for generating digital documents, and this is commonly implemented into applications as a digital information sharing standard. Files in the SGM format contain text data with some layout and formatting attributes entered by the creator of the .sgm file. Among these pieces of text are custom tags also entered by the creator of the .sgm file, and these tags provide brief descriptions of how the content stored in the SGM file was outlined or structured by the file creator, as well as a description about the general overview of the content in the SGM file. Usually, these SGM files use Document Type Definition documents as reference data, and these Document Type Definition documents are files appended with the .dtd extension. Objects that can be embedded into these SGM files as well as the custom tags, pieces of text, formatting attributes and text layout characteristics allowed to be entered by the creators of the SGM files are defined by the associated DTD files. These SGM files can also be saved in the SGML format. Some Microsoft Windows applications that can be used to create, open or view and edit/modify SGM files include the Adobe FrameMaker 10 program and the Corel WordPerfect Office X6 software.

Recommended sgm file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Adobe FrameMaker 11
Panorama SGML viewer
Detail sgm file extension information:
File Type: sgm
File Format: SGML File
Primary Association: Document Files
Mime Type: application/sgml, application/x-sgml, text/sgml, text/x-sgml