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format file tfx

What is a tfx file and how do I open a tfx file?

The TFX file extension is used by files that are used as Traffix traffic analysis software files. These files are mostly associated with the TRaffix application. Traffix is an application that was developed by Dowling Associates, Inc. and it is a program used mainly for computers that are compatible with IBM PC. The TFX files used by this application help the software’s function which is to allow planners and engineers to perform effective performance of traffic forecasting studies especially city-wide traffic forecasting studies. These files also promote rapid forecasting about the traffic impacts of new developments. With TFX files, it is easy for engineers to calculate service levels at either critical signalized or unsignalized intersections using the software. The software can also help users test various measures for mitigation and determine traffic impact fees for projects of individual development. TFX files can be opened using the TRAFFIX application that runs on a Windows operating system.

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Detail tfx file extension information:
File Type: tfx
File Format: Traffix Traffic Analysis Software File
Primary Association: Development Files