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format file wpw

What is a wpw file and how do I open a wpw file?

Files in the WPW extension are also known as developer files, and these can be created using the WinDev software, an application developer program from PC Soft. This software is particularly an IDE application which can be used for the development of mobile programs and Microsoft Windows-based scripts for desktop and laptop computers. Application windows are stored in WPW files associated to specific WinDev projects. Each of these files with the .wpw extension correspond to particular applications developed using the WinDev program. These application windows serve as preview windows and dialogue boxes for WinDev application development projects. When the WinDev software needs to display these application windows, the program locates the WPW files associated to the WinDev projects and references the data stored in those WPW files, so it can display the data contained in those WPW files, which may include a wide variety of visual elements such as buttons, drop down boxes, check boxes, text fields and text messages among others. The WPW is for applications developed for mobile platforms, while WinDev software development projects for desktops and laptops running on Microsoft Windows systems are stored in files appended with the WDW extension.

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Detail wpw file extension information:
File Type: wpw
File Format: WinDev Mobile Window File
Primary Association: Development Files
Mime Type: image/x-perfectworks