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format file bcp

What is a bcp file and how do I open a bcp file?

BCP is a software program makefile, which describes files, dependencies, and rules for building a C++ application. It is used in Borland C/C++ development tools prior to C++ Builder; created for 16-bit programs, but supported by 32-bit programs as well. They consist of text lines defining the file or set of files. It also contains rule names depending on the set of files. The BCP files depend on their source files that in turn depend on files they internally include. A series of tab-indented text lines follow after each dependency defining how to transform the input into the output in cases where the input has been initially modified before the output.

BCP files may also contain definitions of variables and the inclusion of other makefiles. These variables can be overridden using the command line arguments forwarded to the "Make" utility. This allows users to specify different behavior for the build scripts. Files with the .bcp file extension in Borland C++ allow users to make DOS 32 and 16-bit applications by using protected mode. This is where developers can actually access a scope of the Windows API and call functions in any Windows DLL. A developer may also include in the final executable the code that checks API calls, pointer usage, etc.

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Borland C++ Compiler
Detail bcp file extension information:
File Type: bcp
File Format: Borland C++ Makefile
Primary Association: Development Files