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format file adx

What is an adx file and how do I open an adx file?

Data files are classified as such because of the nature of the content stored in a data file, and files appended with the ADX extension are examples of these data files. There are also many types of data files, and ADX files are categorized as database reference files. This is because the associated application uses the data stored in an .adx file when the user accesses corresponding features integrated into the supported program. Also known as Approach index files, these ADX files are created by the Lotus Approach software. The relational databases of a Lotus Approach project output file store relevant indexing details in these ADX files. Users can install the Lotus Approach application into their Microsoft Windows-based systems to implement support for these ADX files. The Lotus Approach software is bundled with other productivity tools of the Lotus Smart suite. The Lotus Approach software together will all other applications included in the Lotus Smart suite are developed by IBM (International Business Machines).

Recommended adx file download:
IBM Lotus Approach (part of Lotus SmartSuite)
Detail adx file extension information:
File Type: adx
File Format: Approach Index File
Primary Association: Database Files