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format file mpd

What is a mpd file and how do I open a mpd file?

Files in the .mpd extension are called database files, and these MPD files are used as Microsoft Project database files. This file format was developed by Microsoft and allows users to store project data in a Microsoft Access-compliant format. These .mpd files can be opened by Microsoft Windows users with the Microsoft Project 2010 software and the K-SOL Project Reader application. The Microsoft project program has two packages, namely Project Professional and Project Standard. Both packages offer 32-bit and 64-bit encoding options for supporting several projects. To save a project in the Microsoft Project database format, click “File”, then “Save as”. Next, choose “Project database” from the options, then type a name in the “file name” field, and click “Save”. When the Export Wizard of the software opens, click “Next”. Type a name for the project file and click “Finish”. Users can also save multiple projects in one MPD project database file. This software also features an auto filter data function for its columns. To minimize the size of the database project, it is recommended to only save the currently loaded project.

Recommended mpd file download:
Microsoft Project 2010
K-SOL Project Reader
Detail mpd file extension information:
File Type: mpd
File Format: Microsoft Project Database
Primary Association: Database Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.ms-project