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format file tps

What is a tps file and how do I open a tps file?

A Clarion TopSpeed data file is classified as a database file integrated with text formatting attributes implemented by the Clarion TopScan software and the Clarion TopSpeed application for the database file format of these programs. These applications from Clarion are used to create custom database systems, and a Clarion TopSpeed data file may contain text information with pieces of data each placed in one line, to separate these pieces of text information into individual rows, then separated with commas and spaces for dividing the content into individual columns. These Clarion TopSpeed data files are also known as data files used for database management and are commonly called flat files. The driver for TopSpeed was developed by SoftVelocity, and database programs that implement support for this driver can use these Clarion TopSpeed data files. These Clarion TopSpeed data files are also implemented with encoding specifications used for the TPS file format, which means these Clarion TopSpeed data files are saved in the TPS format and are appended with the .tps extension. These Clarion TopSpeed data files can be opened and viewed using Clarion software.

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Detail tps file extension information:
File Type: tps
File Format: Clarion TopSpeed Data File
Primary Association: Database Files