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format file mbp

What is a mbp file and how do I open a mbp file?

MBP files are Mobipocket Notes Files which contain the e-book notes the users created in an e-book such as corrections, annotations, drawings, as well as other important marks. MBP files do not contain the e-book itself; they just refer to the notes that the users marked while reading a certain e-book. E-books allow users to mark important notes while reading and those notes that are marked are usually saved using the MBP extension. Since these files are deeply associated with the e-book file as they are contained within an e-book, they are usually saved with the e-book too and are located in the same location the e-book file is saved into. These files are called Mobipocket Notes Files because they are usually produced by the Mobipocket Reader Desktop program, an application useful for electronically reading books and documents using the computer. MBP files are saved in binary format and can be opened using an MBP reader utility.

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Mobipocket Reader Desktop
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MBP reader
Detail mbp file extension information:
File Type: mbp
File Format: Mobipocket Notes File
Primary Association: eBook Files