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format file mtf

What is a mtf file and how do I open a mtf file?

The MTF file extension is known as the Motorola Theme File which was developed by Motorola. It is a settings file used by Motorola mobile phones. It includes ringtones, wallpaper, and screensaver derived from the Motorola Media Manager. Themes are bitmapped or small files that change the default settings and packaged into a single file. It can also be downloaded via WAP. To download objects from web page such as picture, sound, or phone theme from a Web page: Scroll to the file, press the center key s, press the Store key. To apply a theme, Click on “Multimedia”, then select “Themes “and click the desired theme. The Motorola Media Manager is used by developers writing media-rich content for Motorola handsets. Some of the handsets that are supported include A008, C350, E380, V300, and V500. Another Motorola application for theme downloads is the P2K Commander. Files in MTF format can be opened with Motorola Media Manager in Mac OS and Windows platforms.

Mac OS
Recommended mtf file download:
Motorola Media Manager
Motorola Media Manager
Detail mtf file extension information:
File Type: mtf
File Format: Motorola Theme File
Primary Association: Configuration Files