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format file pk3

What is a pk3 file and how do I open a pk3 file?

A Quake III engine zipped file is generally classified as a compressed file that is used by the Quake III video game among other digital video games developed for computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. This means a Quake III engine zipped file may contain one or more files stored in the MD3 format, the successor of the MD2 file format which was implemented into program files used in the Quake II video game. Files in the MD3 file format are encoded and compressed with better digital 3-dimensional animation specifications that are in turn integrated with vertex movement technology and a feature where these 3-dimensional animated objects are divided into three parts, with each treated as a separate 3D element to maximize its animated movement and efficiency. These Quake III engine zipped files are stored in the PK3 file format and are appended with the .pk3 extension.

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Detail pk3 file extension information:
File Type: pk3
File Format: Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
Primary Association: Game Files