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format file sav

What is a sav file and how do I open a sav file?

The SAV file extension is more commonly known as a generic extension that is used to save files and data, typically for saving progress in video games. When the user is in a middle of a game and for some reason needs to put the game on hold, many programs will allow the user to save the game. When the user is ready to resume the play, the saved game can be loaded from where it was left off. Some common SAV file extension problems include missing file associations, opening the file with a program that does not recognize the data and file corruption. To manually open a SAV file extension, the user must open the gaming program and utilize the application’s menu to load the game. Windows will have difficulty understanding what program to use if the user tries to open a game with an incompatible application. When dealing with a corrupted file it requires the user to clean the Windows registry cleaner using a third party cleaner.

Mac OS
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Open with original program
Open with original program
Detail sav file extension information:
File Type: sav
File Format: Saved Game
Primary Association: Game Files