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format file rez

What is a rez file and how do I open a rez file?

A Lithtech Game Engine Resource File that is used mostly by first-person shooter games was developed for the Lithtech gaming engine, and this gaming engine is implemented into video games like Aliens vs Predator, Blood II, Contract J.A.C.K., The Matrix Online, Purge, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, F.E.A.R., Noone Lives Forever, Sanity: Aikens Artifact, Tron 2.0, Sierra Entertainment Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza, Jarhead Games Marine Sharpshooter and Valumedia World War II: Normandy. The Lithtech game engine is popular software that creates the above-mentioned first-person shooter games. REZ files are useful when it comes to modifying the content of the games because they include the music, the textures, the meshes as well as other objects necessary for the game. In other words, rez files contribute a lot to the development of the whole game content. Opening, modifying, as well as extracting rez files may require the installation of applications such as the Dragon UnPACKer, the Game Extractor, the BlackAngel WinRez LT Studio and lithrez.exe.

Recommended rez file download:
Dragon UnPACKer
Game Extractor
BlackAngel WinRez LT Studio
Detail rez file extension information:
File Type: rez
File Format: Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
Primary Association: Game Files