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format file propdesc

What is a propdesc file and how do I open a propdesc file?

PROPDESC files stands for property description files developed by Microsoft. They are also known as settings files because they are usually the XML files that contain property descriptions that can be searched with the use of Windows Search. PROPDESC files are mainly created for the properties not found in the property system and in order for these files to function properly and well, they must not be stored in a user directory but in a global location. Data and elements that are included in PROPDESC files are label, alias, display, search, and type information by which labels, data types and help strings are the most common attributes included. PROPDESC files can be opened when Windows Search is run. This is a very important Windows utility enabling users to find the files they need in a system instantly by typing the filename on the search box. PROPDESC files can also be edited with the use of any text editor.

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Edit with a text editor
Microsoft Windows Search
Detail propdesc file extension information:
File Type: propdesc
File Format: Property Description
Primary Association: Configuration Files