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format file arc

What is an arc file and how do I open an arc file?

Backup files are mirror images of a file or document, at the time the backup file was created by a user of an application, and some programs are usually integrated with features which can enable a user to back up certain media files stored in his or her computer. An example is the ARC format. These are backup files referenced by the associated application, and these files are implemented with support for the development of mobile applications intended for the Symbian environment. The industries targeted by the developers of these applications are from construction groups to IT and modern manufacturing institutions, particularly those who need mobile solutions for their daily business communications and operations. The Nokia Symbian SDK (Software Development Kit) program can be used to access the content and functionalities stored in files appended with the ARC format. There are many other applications that can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems and into Mac platforms, and installing these programs among other supported software will enable users to access the content of these ARC files.

Recommended arc file download:
Nokia PC Suite
Nokisoft Noki
Detail arc file extension information:
File Type: arc
File Format: Symbian OS Backup File
Primary Association: Backup Files