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format file a52

What is an a52 file and how do I open an a52 file?

The A52 file extension is a data file format associated to Atari 5200 ROM, a game ROM used in video game console. The A52 file extension contains the saved game data or image file as stored in the game cartridge. ROMs are binary versions of your favorite classic games, and they contain the actual code of the original cartridge. ROM is the game and it is run through by the emulator. Windows emulator choices include kat5200, Atari800 and JUM52. Mac emulators include Atari 800 Mac, Rainbow , and Atari800MacX. The A52 file extension and Atari 5200 ROM were developed by Atari, Inc and released in 1982. Files in A52 format can be opened with MacMESS for Mac users and MESS, kat5200, and Rainbow 95 in Microsoft Windows-based systems. The Atari 5200 game console feature smaller game library and wide selection of games like Qix, Vanguard,Robotron:2084, Space Dungeon, Pengo, Joust and Ms. Pac-Man.

Mac OS
Recommended a52 file download:
Rainbow 95
Detail a52 file extension information:
File Type: a52
File Format: Atari 5200 ROM
Primary Association: Game Files