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format file alz

What is an alz file and how do I open an alz file?

The ALZ file format is implemented into compressed files defined as ALZip archives, and the ALZ data encoding and compression technology is a proprietary file format that was produced by the developers of a file compression tool called ALZip. This software is created by ESTsoft for private deployment under widely used versions of Microsoft Windows. The ALZip file compression and decompression tool extends its support to more than 36 different module archives and compression programs, including support for the ZIP algorithm. The ALZ file format was released in 1999, and ALZip along with the ALZ file format has no higher limit for virtual file size and expansion type, and this program allows the Windows System to dictate the data size restrictions for its output files. Windows users should first install ALZip or a file compression and decompression tool that is implemented with support for decompressing files encoded and affixed with the .alz extension, in order to open and access the content of these ALZ files.

Mac OS
Recommended alz file download:
ESTsoft ALZip
The Unarchiver
Detail alz file extension information:
File Type: alz
File Format: ALZip Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files