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format file ice

What is an ice file and how do I open an ice file?

The Interface de Compression Ergonomique pour windOWS (ICEOWS) can be used to create an ICE file archive, which is a compressed file integrated with compression standards and implemented with encoding specifications developed for the ICE format. These ICE files may contain one file or a group of files with a collectively bigger file size in their uncompressed form, compared to its combined size after being processed and compressed as one ICE file. The ICEOWS software is an application integrated with features for compressing different types of files and even groups of folders. Support for the Polish language is implemented into the ICEOWS software. ArjFolder was the original name of the ICEOWS file compression and decompression tool. An ICE file is affixed with the .ice extension, and the ICEOWS software can be used to create and decompress ICE files in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. Multiple ICE files can also be archived as one ICE file and integrated with compression specifications used by the ICEOWS program.

Recommended ice file download:
ESTsoft ALZip
Detail ice file extension information:
File Type: ice
File Format: ICE File Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: x-conference/x-cooltalk