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format file hbc

What is a hbc file and how do I open a hbc file?

A HyperBac compressed archive file is created using the HyperBac file compression and decompression software, and this program from Xceleon Technologies is implemented with proprietary compression specifications. A HyperBac compressed archive file is encoded in the HBC format, and files affixed with the .hbc extension are HyperBac compressed archive files. The HyperBack compression tool was primarily developed to provide users with better compression ratios for faster archiving of database files in smaller file sizes. Database system compatibility support implemented into these HBC files include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, MySQL, IBM DB/2, SAP BRBackup and Sybase database management systems. A 90% database size reduction can be achieved with a database file or a set of database files and folders archived using HBC compression specifications and HBC encoding standards. HBC compression and encoding specifications and standards are proprietary to the Red Gate SQL HyperBac software.

Recommended hbc file download:
Red Gate SQL HyperBac
Detail hbc file extension information:
File Type: hbc
File Format: HyperBac Compressed Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files