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format file bkn

What is a bkn file and how do I open a bkn file?

A WordPerfect automatic backup file is created by the WordPerfect application, and upon generation of a WordPerfect automatic backup file, it is then associated to the corresponding WordPerfect document. This association is then used by the WordPerfect application in case the content of the corresponding WordPerfect document has been corrupted, or in instances where the WordPerfect document itself has been accidentally deleted. These WordPerfect automatic backup files are created by the WordPerfect software when a certain amount of time has elapsed, with the same WordPerfect document still on focus or has been left open in the WordPerfect application window. These WordPerfect automatic backup files are integrated with data encoding specifications that allow its content to be stored in the BKN file format and for users to be restricted from accessing its content primarily because only the WordPerfect application needs to open and access the content stored in these WordPerfect automatic backup files. These WordPerfect automatic backup files are also affixed with the .bkn extension.

Recommended bkn file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail bkn file extension information:
File Type: bkn
File Format: WordPerfect Automatic Backup File
Primary Association: Backup Files