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format file dws

What is a dws file and how do I open a dws file?

An AutoCAD drawing standards file is used by the AutoCAD 2013 software to verify if drawing standards stored in these files are implemented into other drawing files created with this program. These files are stored in the DWS format and are affixed with the .dws extension. A DWS file can also be used for the definition and integration of drawing standards entered by the AutoCAD 2013 user into an AutoCAD 2013 project. Autodesk developed the AutoCAD 2013 software and the DWS format to provide users with a set of functionalities used for designing 3D structures and engineering designs. The content of a DWS file may include dimension style specifications, layer properties and linetype standards among other text formatting elements. Several DWS files may be associated to one AutoCAD 2013 project. The AutoCAD 2013 software can be installed in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems to start creating, opening or viewing and modifying the content of these DWS files.

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2014
Detail dws file extension information:
File Type: dws
File Format: AutoCAD Drawing Standards File
Primary Association: CAD Files