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format file grp

What is a grp file and how do I open a grp file?

Files with the GRP extension are associated with the Starcraft Program. This program is a popular strategy game that uses multiple military elements and controllable fictional characters. The initial version of this game was released in 1998 and as of current have six different versions available in the market. GRP files are utilized by this program to save and sort images related to the game. Each GRP file is composed of a structured image. A cluster or set of GRP files containing graphical images is employed to save menu spells, graphics, wireframes, game units and weapons. These files are accessed and manipulated while playing the game and are made available depending on the needs of the gamer.

Mac OS
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Blizzard StarCraft
RetroActive RetroGRP
Blizzard StarCraft
Detail grp file extension information:
File Type: grp
File Format: StarCraft Graphics Group File
Primary Association: Game Files