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format file hm

What is a hm file and how do I open a hm file?

The HM file extension is a data file format associated to HostMonitor, a server monitoring tool. The HM file extension and HostMonitor were developed by KS-Soft. These files are backup copies of TestList files created by HostMonitor. TestList files contain monitored tasks in HML format and backups are saved, in case of file corruption or deletion. Files in the HM file format contain list of servers and monitoring tasks. The software is used to monitor the availability and performance of networks. It uses sixty-eight test methods to check on TCP service, ping a host, route check, web monitoring, FTP, Mail, and DNS servers. It conducts network, disk and database related tests. It also includes a built in Report Manager to allow users to create customized reports. It uses thirty alert methods to inform the network administration in case errors are detected. Files in the .hm format can be opened with KS-Soft HostMonitor in in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Recommended hm file download:
KS-Soft HostMonitor
Detail hm file extension information:
File Type: hm
File Format: HostMonitor File
Primary Association: Backup Files