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format file pcf

What is a pcf file and how do I open a pcf file?

The PCF file extension was developed by Valve and used as Valve Particle System Files. These are game files that the Valve Source game engine uses. PCF files serve as particle system storage for simulating explosions, smoke, fire as well as other mass particle events. These files are also helpful when creating modifications for custom games. PCF files can be opened using the Valve Source game engine on Windows. This software is obviously used to create first person shooter games and belongs to the Valve Source development suite wherein this suite includes the Particle Editor tool used to view and edit PCF files. The Valve Source game engine is popular because it consists of comprehensive, powerful and flexible environment for game development. This tool makes it easy for game developers to create state-of-the-art games as this application combines all the advanced features necessary for the development of most computer and console games.

Recommended pcf file download:
Valve Source
Detail pcf file extension information:
File Type: pcf
File Format: Valve Particle System File
Primary Association: Game Files