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format file sdt

What is a sdt file and how do I open a sdt file?

Page layout files as well as documents or form templates created using SmartDraw, which is why SDT files are also known as SmartDraw Template Files. SmartDraw is a program that allows users to create presentations in high quality and this can also be charts or graphs that users can export to Microsoft Office directly. When creating drawings using the software, users can use various templates and other elements that the program provides. The program is mainly used by business organizations. SDT files used by this application serve as the starting point by which documents with a similar layout can be created. SDT files allow users to easily start creating documents through SmartDraw. Aside from, being used by SmartDarw, SDT files are also supported by a variety of applications including Grand Theft Auto III where it is used as game files; Electronic Arts as audio files and as system files used by Siemens mobile phone.

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Detail sdt file extension information:
File Type: sdt
File Format: SmartDraw Template File
Primary Association: Page Layout Files